Pattie loves…Wave Nouveau Finishing Lotion

What it claims…

This rich lotion contains  blend of silicone and humectants to provide shine, softening and moisture to natural and permanently wave hair. Apply as need to maintain your Wave Nouveau style

Fisrt 3 Ingredients

Water, propylene Glycole, Glyecerine

What i think about it

This was one of the first products that i tried when i decided to start taking care of my hair last march. I bought a large bottle, the 33.8 FL.OZ which cost me about $16 CAD.

This product is very light. It’s a clear liquid  that has kind of a foamy colour. Sorry, i have no other words to escribe it lol. But, this product makes you hair sooooo soft. Like omg, i have lots of products in my room, but by far this is the best one. The only thing that sucks about it is that the main ingredients are humectants (prodylen glycole, glycerin) which are great in the summer, but not so much in the winter. So, basically, i cant use this product in the winter, because it will just make my hair dry, instead of soft.

This product is really great for shine. Like i put this in my hair, and it gets a natural sheen to it, not the kind that you get from oil. Also, this product is oil free, so if you dont use oil in you hair, but want something moisturizing this is definitly a great option. Although the first ingredient is water, you can use it on flat ironed hair without fear of having it revert. It’s so packed with glycerine, that it wont do that. This product has wheat protein in it, so if you are someone that is protein sensitive you might want to stay away.

My Rating?


This is honestly the best rating you will see on my blog. Great product, only drawback is you cant use it in the winter. Unless, you do a trick that i will blog about later


9 thoughts on “Pattie loves…Wave Nouveau Finishing Lotion

  1. I remember trying this before in the summer time and it was fantastic! but when I tried it this past December it left my hair with really “hard” feeling……weird.

    1. yeah it would definitely do that. It has glycerin and propylene glycol as top ingredients. Those are humectants, so they draw moisture from the air. If there is no moisture in the air (winter) it will do the opposite and make your hair dry. 🙂
      Hope that helped.

      Im going to blog about how to use glycerin based products in the winter, so stay tuned to find out 🙂 bye

    1. yeah its for any type of hair. i used it when i was natural as well, it was what helped me keep from relaxing for so long since my hair was very dry and brittle prier to using it. You can buy it at Grace if you live in ottawa, or any other black hair store. I will be doing another blogg about that product, please stay tunned since i know you are interested in it. 🙂

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