Pattie loves….Laura Geller Welcome Matte Enhancer

What it Claims

The tiniest amount of this amazing gel-based liquid will keep skin looking fresh, clean and shine-free, all day long. Its subtle, light-diffusing properties actually shrink the look of pores towards a porcelain finish. All without adding an extra layer of makeup.

What I Think

My sister got this on sale at Sephora for about $15 dollars last year, so i dont kno how much it really is. So, this product has the regular consistancy as a silicone based primer. It has no weird smell to it too, and goes on clear.

So, i have REALLY shiny skin. Like omg, my nose will get shiny within an hour o putting on foundation, and within 2, my whole face is like a slick ball. Thats just to show you how well this product works. It keeps met MATTE (shine free) for 5 and a half hours. After that, its just my nose thats shiny, and even then its just a tiny shine. This stuff is really great, for my extremely shiny skin, i only had to fix it up once. I usually wear this on bare skin, but it’s a great foundation primer for those days that i choose to wear extra foundation. Also, when you wear it on your bare skin, after about 2 hours, you start to get a nice glow on your skin that looks youthful, not greasy 😉

My Rating?



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