Pattie Loves….(beautiful skin) how to achieve it? Advice

So i wouldnt say that i have horrible skin, but it is un evan. I have dark spots on my forehead from acne scaring, and just over unevaness around my face.

Although i love makeup, i love the whole flawless look foundation gives you, it’s just not practical for me. I have Suuuuppper oily skin, and my makeup is usually melting off my face within a few ours. Blotting with sheets and powders are just too much work.

I just want to clear up my skin. Anyone have any recommendations of products that can clear up african american skin? Even if your not black, any suggestions will help 🙂 thnx.

preferably things that are not expensive, thnx.

ohhh, i also have very sensitive skin


2 thoughts on “Pattie Loves….(beautiful skin) how to achieve it? Advice

  1. Hey Pattie! Based on what you’ve described it seems like you have oily, acne prone skin. Have you ever taken the Clinique Skin Type Test? Here’s the link: If I’m right, you’d be under Cliniques Skin Type #3 – which is acne-prone skin with a concentration of oil in the T-zone. Clinque can offer a system of products to help. It may seem a little pricey at first, but keep in mind that you don’t need to use a large amount of the products because they’re concentrated so the supply should last a few months. Another more affordable product is Proactive. I’ve heard amazing things about it. Hope this helps! Take care,
    Cristina from 🙂

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