Pattie loves…Mac Blot Powder?

What it Claims

A unique pressed powder designed primarily to provide shine control without adding any noticeable colour or texture. Sets foundation, finishes faces. For use in professional situations and for frequent touch-ups. Blot Powder contains Mica and Silica to adsorb excess oils and reduce shine on the skin’s surface.

What I Think

Last year, this used to be MY product. It was the only thing that i would use on my face. Like, this stuff is true to what it claims. It ads absolutely no color or coverage to your face. It comes in only 5 shades, so you pick the one thats closer to your skin color.

Because this has no coverage, you can pack on as much as you want, and it wont even really look different. This stuff kept me absolutely oil free for like 5 hours. I only had to touch up once a day.

Besides the price, i absolutely HATE the packaging of this product. Like oh my god. I have re-purchased this product twice, and both times, it’s broken. My sister bought one, and it broke within 24 hours.  It doesn’t even have a separate compartment to keep the puff. Overall, great product, but because of the sucky packaging, i wont buy it again. It’s just too messy to be carrying around a broken compact.

My Rating?


Because the packaging sucks, and it has no compartment to put the puff


2 thoughts on “Pattie loves…Mac Blot Powder?

  1. I agree, it is quite pricey but it does last awhile since you don’t have to use as much so I guess that makes up for it? 😀 Otherwise, it is quite good, like you said. Thanks for dropping by my blog, by the way! I appreciate it.

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