Good Looking Men Cheat

I was watching Millionaire Matchmaker with my sister, and i was like why are they setting her up with all ugly guys? She looked at me and said “don’t you know that’s how it works?” I looked at her, shocked. Of course i knew how it worked, but i didn’t expect her to say that.
She then went on to say, good looking men will cheat. If your not a ten, don’t even go for a guy that’s higher than a five because they will just cheat on you. I was shocked and amused at the same time.

‘They will cheat on you with those music video girls. I hope you dont go for a pretty boy because he will just dump you for a light skinned girl.”
I laughed cause although it has some truth in it, obviously not all guys are like this.

My sis and her friend are kinda screwed in the head when it comes to guys. Her best friend is determined to marry and ugly man so that he wont cheat on her.


One thought on “Good Looking Men Cheat

  1. Shemar Moore! 😀
    But lmao. That was too funny. Or what could happen when she marries an ugly guy is that she’ll be so repulsed by him that she’ll end up cheating on him 😛

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