Formula 10.0.6 Seriously Shine Free

More like seriously SUCK!…nah just joking. This product doesnt suck, but it’s misleading. I mean, with the name “Formula 10.0.6, SERIOUSLY SHINE FREE” you would expect some great stuff right? It was even invented by some scientist who uses bamboo extract, apparently that’s supposed suck up all the oil.

For one thing! The bamboo extract is like 12th on the ingredient list, which is kind of stupid. But anyways, moving on to the product. I saw this at Walmart the other day, and i was like ohhh, nice new product. Im always looking for things for oily skin, so i couldn’t resist buying it.

What It Claims

Seriously. Get a shine free look all day! Seriously Shine Free is a matte-finish moisturizer with Bamboo extract to absorb excess oil and provide a soft, smooth and shine-free complexion that lasts.

What I Think

Ok, so a lot of people who have used it have complained that it broke them out. I’ve only used it once so far, so i dont know who will happen with continual usage. Also, some people say that it’s not moisturizing enough. If you think that, maybe you dont really have oily skin, because it should provide sufficient moisture to people with oily skin.

When you put this product on, it instantly takes away the oil, while leaving a sheen on your skin. This product is kind of greasy, which is weird since it’s oil free, but it’s not very greasy.

So, i wore this to work, and after 2 hours i asked my friend if my face was shiny. She said no.  Two hours later, i went to the washroom and noticed that my nose was shiny, but my forehead and the rest of my face were doing “okay.” Clearly this didn’t keep me shine free all day. Maybe if you have a mild case of the oiliness this would be perfect for you, but it isnt for me.

My Rating?


I as disappointed in this product, but it’s still okay, i will continue to use it.


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