Alternative to MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

What It Claims

Cover girl Oil Control Pressed Powder

  • Helps control shine through out the day
  • wont clog pores
  • Dermatological tested
  • Hypoallergenic

For a clean, fresh, shine-free look that lasts. Oil-absorbers help skin look fresh and naturally beautiful.

About three weeks ago, i went to walmart looking for a good Cover Girl powder. My friend uses one, so i thought what they heck, they cant be that bad. They are all over TV anyways. So, i chose to get the Cover Girl clean pressed oil control powder because i have oily skin, and because the powder had red/pink undertones in it (NW in MAC). Surprisingly, Tawny was my exact match. So, anyways, i bought it, not expecting anything great. I just needed a quick powder that could help control my oil.

What I Think

I LOVE THIS POWDER. So i wasn’t expecting anything really amazing in the oil control department since i bought this for only 5 dollars. Not suprisingly, it didnt really control my shine. It removed the shine on my face when i put it on, but my face got oily after a few minutes like usuall. What i did like about this was that it didnt make it worse. For example, Studio fix powder is the worst for oily skin. It will actually MAKE your skin more oily than it actually is. Then at the end of the day, you find that your face looks dirty and disgusting. On top of that, it’s a very heavy powder, and it transfers everywhere. 

I prefer this farrr more than studio fix powder. Although it doesnt give as much coverage, it’s still pretty good at covering up your imperfections. It keeps your face looking clean throught the day, unlike the studio fix.

My Rating?


It promises oil control when it doesn’t control your oils at all, well at least not for me. But, for 6 bucks, you cant really complain.


5 thoughts on “Alternative to MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

  1. the only thing i have tried there is the silika powder which i personally dont think is worth the money. The starter kit size for it is like $20, when you can get a cheaper version of it for only $6. It does the exact same thing.I can do a comparison review for you if you want.

    1. I bought the foundation kit that costed me 100 dollars i havent started to use it yet so i was just wondering what other less expensive alternative products are out there to cover up amd reduce the look of blemishes for starters and what make up is best for darker complexions im not sure whay type of skin i have but the most blemishes are on my forehead and the rest are spotted on my cheeks and on my hairline i believe i have a combination of an oily t zone cause my forehead and nose shine and normal everywhere else

  2. i also have very oily skin. if you want makeup that works and looks natural, you’ll have to go expensive, sorry.

    i will blog about makeup and skincare for oily skin

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