Your 4 must have products

It’s been so long since i’ve updated. I’m back, and hopefully a youtube channel will be comming in the next fImageew weeks. I just need to secure a camera.

Hair Beginning Kit

These are 4 types of products that are importa to have in order to start on a hair journey. They all do very different things, and are all important to keep your hair’s overall health.

1. Moisturizing Shampoo

A moisturizing shampoo is very important because you want something that will wash our hair, but not leave it dry. It’s best to look for shampoos for african Americans like, Cream Of Nature shampoos, but if you’re strapped for money, a great alternative is Aussie Moist Shampoo. Just make sure to add oils into it so it doesnt leave your hair  feelinhg too dry.

2. Moisturizing Deep Conditioner

Because black hair is naturally dry you need something to add moisture to our hair. This is a very important step that should be done with every wash because shampoos take oils and moisture out of your hair, and a deep condtioner puts it right back in. It is best to use one that is marketed towards african american hair because they are usually very thicke, and packed with oils that will nourish the hair. I personally love Dark and Lovely Moisture Seal Deep Conditioner, or Aussie Moist Conditioner with a bunch of oils mixed in it.

3. Protein Deep Conditioners

These are usually done once a month, or when you feel that your hair is breaking at the ends. Protein deep conditioners are important for naturals, and relaxed ladies. It’s a MOST for relaxed girls because the relaxer has broken down your hair bonds, and you need a protein conditioner to build it back up again and make it strong. For my natural ladies, it’s still important, but i’d suggest focusing on moisturizing deep conditioners. For protein conditioners i suggest Organics Olive Oil Hair Mayonaise, or, or mix some edible hair mayonaise with egg yoke into your hair. Just make sure to rinse out with cool water. 🙂

4. Leave In/Daily Moisturizer+ Sealing Oil

A leave in conditioner is what you add in your hair the steps i have mentioned above. These are great becuse they will give your hair slip, and allow you to comb though it for roller sets, or any other styles you may be trying to achive. A Daily Moisturizer is a thicker cream that you put on your hair on a daily, or every second day basis to keep your hair feeling soft and moisturized untill you wash again. This will keep your hair from breaking through out the week. It’s important to seal with an oil so that the moisture will get trapped in your hair. The oil acts as a barrier, keeping your moisturizer in your hair, and not allowing wind, and col weather to make it dry again.


7 thoughts on “Your 4 must have products

  1. I recently bought argan oil and mane n tail shampoo&conditioner and tres emme heat tamer spray for my natural hair since i cut my hair to help it grow faster i was just wondering what other quality products i could invest in available in ottawa local stores to get the silky smooth hair i have always wanted instead of relaxing my hair like ever other black girl I know

  2. hey, thats great that your looking for products. I have a few tips for you.
    1) So it’s great that you bought argan oil. It’s honestly the best oil on the market, along with jajoba oil and coconut oil because it will sink into your hair, make it soft without it being greasy. I havnt tried it myself, mostly because everytime i find a bottle, it is packed with other ingredients like silicones. Pure argan oil is honestly the best choice, or at least to have argan oil on the top 3 ingredients, so you know there’s a lot of it in there, instead of just fillers.
    2) It’s good you got a conditioner. Make sure to get a deep conditioner also since you are natural. If you need some recomendations let me know. Also, make sure to leave the deep conditioner in your hair for at least 45 mins with a plastic cap on your head so that the conditioner can sink into your hair. (grocery bag will work just fine btw )
    3) I have tried the treseme heat tammer spray and i find that it was just ok. It probably did it’s job, but it won’t leave your hair feeling silky.
    4) Since you are natural, i suggest that you try some natural hair styles. Like braidouts, or tiwst outs. Just braid your hair at night, or tiwst it, and when you wake up, un-do it, and fluff it out a bit. It will look really nice, like you have natural curls in your hair. You can finish it off with a headband. If you want straight hair, i suggest limiting using heat on your hair to only once a month. If you want silky straight hair, try IC Fantasia Heat Protectant Serum. It will protect your hair from heat, and leave it glossy and soft.

  3. what is the best deep conditioner to get? and I do number four everytime I wash my hair which is once a week. What product will give me that soft movable hair I have always wanted when I straighten my natural hair that doesn’t involve harsh chemicals? I also don’t straighten my hair much at all. Where would I get that Fantasia product?

  4. and would you say those sally twist pins are any good for black hair. I also want long hair but right now its at my shoulders and uneven since I used to have dreads and I don’t want to cut it cause I never did when I had dreads so I don’t believe trimming my ends will make my hair grow any faster

  5. it’s also important for you to do number 2 or 3. 2 especially since you are natural, and your hair is probably really dry. If you want something cheap, get an aussie moist conditioner from walmart, add some olive oil and canola oil to it and leave it in your hair for about 45 mins with a plastic cap. I really like that conditioner, but my fav is the Dark and Lovely Moisture Seal Deep Condition. It’s packed with a bunch of oils, and other stuff, it makes your hair really soft. I remember i got it at Mama Cee last year. Not sure if they still sell it. You can get the Fantasia ICe Anywhere, at Grace or Mamasee. If you go to grace they have it behind the cash counter so you will have to ask them for it. Its in a pink see through bottle. Also, i have not tried the sally pins, so u gave no comment on those. Also, you should really trim your ends. I agree 100%, trimming your hair doesnt make it grow, its annoying how ppl keep saying that. It’s just that if you dont trim your ends, your split ends will keep going up the hair shaft, and a lot of your hair will break off unessaraily. This wasnt a problem when your hair was dreaded cause it was stuck togethor, and wasnt being manipulated. Now the strands are free, and they will break off, if you dont trim it before your split ends get worse. Also, it’s importand to trim just so you can have nice even looking hair. Long hair is crappy hair if it’s thin or un even.

    1. I can’t tell if I have split ends and I was just wondering about the sally twist pins because I was considering buying them. How much are the prices on the products you suggested? Which ones are better for those who want to save money since I’m also going to school?

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